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....and is Monday again!!!!!! :( I had a nice weekend. I worked from home on Friday. This was great because I went to a leaving do from work on Thursday evening (and had a bit too much to drink and no food....naughty, naughty...), so I could have a bit of a lie in the morning and at 9:30 am managed to be on the computer working already.....

Saturday was good. Meet with Nicky at 4:30pm at New Barnet and went to pick up Claire to Cockfosters to get ready for a surprise leaving do party for some friends that are planning to go to live in America.
Nicky booked a lovely room in a pub in the city of London...great listed building (I have forgotten the name, as usual). A lot of nice, friendly people attended and I had the chance to meet new people and catch up with others. Went back to Nicky's to spend the night. I left her place at around midday and got the train back home. David was at home already, after his trip to Bristol......and he brought me a computer!!!!!!!!. This was his sister's (who has acquired a new one herself). It is very similar to the one we used to share...and with flat screen as I am very happy that I am going to have a computer all for my self :) this is a risk because I am going to put it in my bedroom and this could be a danger....I might not want to go to bed if I am playing with it :)he he he......too many bands to check in my space.....and catching up with people on messenger and emails.

On Wednesday I am going to see Harry Potter with a friend from work.....on Friday going to Emilie Autumn and meeting some friends there :)....and on Saturday very likely I will end up at Invocation. My lovely friends Gigi and Jon have offered me their place to crash so I might just take their kindly offer ;)

Hopefully see you all lovely people soon :)
Moritz Bastei

Positive thinking and....METALLICA

He He He.....I was planning to have a relaxed weekend at home after going to Inferno tonight....then this morning when I switched on my mobile I received a message from a friend I haven't seen for a few months. He said that he was going to see METALLICA on Sunday and the person he was going with has cancelled so he has offered me the ticket and asked me to go with him....of course I had to say yes. I never saw Metallica live so this is my chance....and when I less expected it......well I hope this is all due to my positive thinking.....if you think positively good things will happen....I love to hear from people I haven't seen for a while and catch up......there are a few unfinished matters with people that I also would like to sort out so I just keep thinking positively and time will tell.......
Moritz Bastei

shall I learn to drive?

Uhmmmmm. I just had a thought. Maybe I should learn to drive. I have been scared for many years to do this but maybe the time is coming for me to make positive changes in my life. I need a new challenge and this might be it!!!!everybody around me seems to be able to drive or at least passed the driving test at some point.....
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Moritz Bastei

(no subject)

Hello all,

Oh Monday seems always hard to start the week. I haven't been at work much recently(too many trips and things to do). Now things are coming back to normal. Last week I went to Type O Negative, but of course I went for a few drinks first to the Fox. It was good to see so many familiar faces there. Type O Negative wasn't exceptional. They didn't really tried hard enough and just played 2 or 3 songs of the old stuff which is what I really like. I stayed the night with a good friend and we had the time to catch up.

Slime light was good on Saturday. It was great to bump into some people that I don't normally see there. The music was great...and I nearly cried when they played the Birthday Massacer. I never heard it in a club (well maybe once at the ballroom)so that made my night...of course other classics like Diary of Dreams, London After Midnight, Killing Joke, The Cult, Merry Thoughts.......I missed Clan of Xymos gig.....not much stamina these days to last so many hours but I am planning to build this up and next time there is a band I like I will go and stay in the club afterwards.

Next gig I have planned to go is Emily Autumn @ the Underworld on the 20th of July (I really enjoyed her performance in Leipzig) but there is something I can't wait for...... and that is Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth in September @ the forum. That is going to be a very special day....2 bands that I am dying to see. I will make sure I take the day off and make the most of it :)

And as for this weekend...I am tempted by the LVC party (need to get details for this)or another party I have been invited by a work mate in some venue in Old Street. I think there are some bands playing but I don't think it will be my kind of music.....oh well I have a few days to decide.

It will be nice to catch up with some of you soon. The summer is here and I am really up to make plans with nice, lovely people like you guys ;)
Moritz Bastei

(no subject)

Welllll the Deathstars gig was great!!!!! I really enjoyed it. The first supporting band was quite good, I don't remember the name right now....the second band was terrible.....but Deathstars really made up for it. They are very good on stage. I have to admit that I don't feel attracted to guys with make up (Marylin Manson's type) but I suppose that kind of performance calls for it. I was in very good company..... Nicky, May, Amanda and Graham (Nicky's friend). I think he had enough at the end of the night of our girly talk....but what can you do when there are some interesting looking guys around?
I was feeling in a very good mood and I talked to a few people there.
I came back to May's to spend the night. This was good because it avoided me being worried about catching a train and then a taxi home, so I could really enjoy the gig. It was lovely coming back in May's car with the girls having our usual talks.....I talked a bit more to May before going to sleep and then this morning again over breakfast before she gave me a lift to the train station to catch my train to work....on the whole a gret night out :)

And...I am going to Holland again. This time to a metal is 1hr by train from Eindhoven and there are some interesting bands playing. It is on the 9th of Dec Saturday and we (Gemma and I) will be returning on Sunday...I reckon they are going to be very intense 24 hours.

This weekend is shaping towards Antilight on Saturday. I will talk to Fernando to see what he says but between Slime and Antilight I definitely go for this last one.....we will see
Moritz Bastei

(no subject)

Well, this is my first post.....

Just an update of what I have been up to recently.

Last week on Tuesday I had my leaving do with my old workmates. It was sad in a way but I was also feeling happy (they gave me a lot of presis including a massive bunch of flowers with a purple bow). After 2 years working at Kensington and Chelsea Social Services (Learning Disabilty Team) it was time to move on. I am lucky to have a permanent post in the best Local Authority (Westminster). I started yesterday. Everything seems fine and the people is very friendly. I think I am going to enjoy working here. I am also very close to the centre of town which is very handy to arrange to meet up with people after work.

I had 3 days off before I started my new job. I had my leaving drinks last Tuesday. I was off from Wednesday. My friend Gemma and I had organised to go to Eindhoven (Holland) for a couple of days. I went to Gemmas Wednesday night. We were talking until midnight and listenign Gemma's favourites (death metal bands which names are difficult to remember). We left at 2:30am I didn't get any sleep but all was very exciting so I didn't care much. We arrived to the airport with plenty of time. We had breakfast and hung around the shops until we went to our gate. The flight was very quick, 42 minutes. I fall asleep and when I realised we were landing.
Endhoven is a lovely, small, tipical European city. It remainded me of where I come from, Bilbao. The locals are very relaxed people and they are not under stress or rushing around everywhere. A lot of people use bikes. For dutch people is like walking. After checking in the hotel we went to the swimming pool and sauna (that was really good). After a long nap we went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant in the centre of town. Afterwards we went to the bar area and spent the rest of the night there, until 2:00am. I saw a few blond long hair cutties, dutch are really good looking.... ;)
We ended up in a motorbikers bar. We met the owner (this big bloke that looked like an Angel from Hell)we started talking and he ended up inviting us to several drinks. At the same time they were decorating the bar for a Halloween party the following day......

On Friday we met with Dennis in the evening (after going for pancakes). He is a friend of Gemma who is the singer in a Gore Metal band apparently quite well known in Holland. He was lovely and we had a good time hanging around with the Dutch metalers........... ;)

We went back to London on Saturday morning. We slept most of the day and got ready and just about to make it for "Emperor" in the London Astoria. This was really good.....again a lot of metalers around.....I love the headbanging and hair flying around. We ended up in the Malborough head....a few drinks and we ended up in Gemma's at around 2:00am with one of her friends with whom we bumped into after the gig.

So yes by Monday morninig, my first day at my new job, I was a bit tired but happy......:)

My plans for the rest of the week are resting every evening until Thursday. On Friday I am going to "Inferno" with a friend and then I will stay over in hers.

On Sunday is Fernando's birthday so there will be some kind of celebration during the weekend. We will probably end up at the Dev and most likely I will be staying with him later on.

I hope I can catch up with all of you at some point.
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